Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

We learn very early in our lives that making mistakes is a bad thing. Everyone wants the best for you: your parents want you to be a good kid and when you fail, they are disappointed, your teachers want you to be an “A” student and when you’re not, they are disappointed. Later on your boss(es) wants you to do a perfect job and when you fail he/she gets upset.

Don´t be afraid to make mistakes

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We crave so much for perfectionism that in the last century we took everything to extreme: we want perfect kids, perfect families, perfect houses and perfect cars, perfect jobs and perfect employees. But you know what? Life is not about being perfect, our real world is not perfect and that’s the beauty of it.

I know it´ s hard to disappoint your parents or school teachers and even your boss, but life is made from failures and successes. You can’t be the best at anything until you fail and learn that that was not the way to go. (more…)

3 Reasons Being a Full-Time Freelance Writer Is Great

Today, I would like to introduce to you my friend Gina Horkey. Gina and I met many months ago, how else than through social media. Just like me, she was hustling with a day job and a side business. We instantly become friends and are ever since. I always liked Gina´s determinations and focus in achieving her goals. I asked Gina to share with you how is freelancing life treating her. Gina, take the floor!

I’m almost three months in to being a full-time freelance writer. A year ago, this was just a pipe dream. Something I wanted, but wasn’t sure how to go after. When the desire was strong enough, I set out to figure out how to accomplish what I wanted. Boy am I glad I did!

3 Reasons Being a Full-Time Freelance Writer Is Great

There are many things I enjoy about being a full-time freelance writer. There are a few that I would trade if I could, but isn’t that the case with every job? Here are my three favorites. (more…)

How I Learned To UnMultitask

We´ve been taught since school and later on in our jobs that multitasking is proof of someone´s value as an employee. The more you could do at the same time, the better you were seen and the more valuable you were to the company.

How I Learned To UnMultitask

What that meant? It meant you were flying from a meeting to another, from a client call to the next one without pausing, taking a break or God forbid having lunch. It´s called “corporate America” (replace America with your own country). The so-called 9 to 5 jobs were (still are) 9 to 7 or 9 to 10 in some cases. You couldn´t leave early (aka at 5 p.m.) because you were seen as unprofessional. But on the other hand you couldn´t leave because you didn´t finish your job for the day. Skipping from one task to another, jumping from one meeting to another, this back and forth on your workday, it was not only exhausting but also unproductive. You still had to fill in reports, write that article, contact a client, sign that contract. There were so many things to do and you were only one. (more…)

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