Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps by Carole Staveley – Book Review

For April’s book review I chose a different kind of book, a life story that will challenge the way you see pain and life, in general. I chose to tell you about this book because we take almost everything for granted. We forget that our health comes with a price if we don´t take care of ourselves, we forget that our family and friends are not going to be here forever (neither do we). We let unimportant things such as money or fame or titles to come before our health, family and friends.

Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps by Carole Staveley

Imagine having to live with constant pain in your body for thirteen years! Imagine that even the smallest gestures cause you a great deal of pain. Imagine that things like getting out of bed and getting dressed are so difficult to do due to your constant pain.

You can´t imagine that, can you? Until you live with something like that, you won´t realize how much you took for granted in your life. (more…)

How To Handle Unwritten Rules in Your Office

Do you have unwritten rules in your office? Gini Dietrich wrote a while back an interesting article about unwritten rules in the office. Take a moment and read it, you´ll learn a lot.

Since reading her article, I took a step back and remembered all the unwritten rules I´ve encountered throughout my career, in different jobs I held. To say there were a lot would be an understatement, especially in the corporate world.

How To Handle Unwritten Rules in Your Office

After I finished college I embarked in a corporate journey and I had to learn through trial and error the unwritten rules in each position. I learned how to identify tricky situations and how to get out of them graciously. Nope, it wasn´t easy, I fell, but I got up and learned how to do it better. (more…)

The Beauty of a Day Off

I recently wrote about how important is to un-multitask so you can become more productive and efficient at your job. Though un-multitasking is very important, it is just the first part in becoming creative and the best at your job.

The beauty of a day off

For you to give your best to your endeavor, whether it’s working for a PR agency or as an in-house PR pro and even as a solo consultant, you need to learn to take a day off. And by that I mean you need to learn to relax on your weekend without thinking of your professional or personal projects, without thinking of your clients or the next thing on your large to do list. (more…)

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