How to be efficient when working from other location

How to be efficient when working from other location

Working virtually can be a blessing and a chore, especially if you work by yourself and have no one to delegate to.

But what about when changing locations? We are creatures of habit, we are used to our own space, we like our things arranged in a certain way. When we change locations, whether working from the coffee shop around the corner or on the road or from another city, our work is disrupted. It takes a while to get back on track and be productive again.

In today’s post I will focus on how you can work from anywhere and still be productive and get things done. (more…)

If It’s Important It Gets Done!

You hear it a lot and yet many of us don’t quite get there (myself included). Sometimes there is urgent stuff that need our attention, sometimes we just want a break from work and other times we just feel lazy. However, if it’s client work I bet that no matter how tired or how busy you are, it gets done.

If It’s Important It Gets Done

Why is that?

The answer is simple and you might not like it: you put others (clients, friends, family) before you and your goals. I am not saying you should be selfish, but you need to put yourself first and consider yourself as your own client. Easier said than done.

I struggle with this every single day. Writing for my blog and connecting with interesting new people on social media are two very important aspects of my business and I enjoy them very much. However, I find myself not taking enough time to write for my blog or to connect on social. There is client work, family, friends, life, you name it, that always comes first.

Though there are many reasons that prevent us from working on ourselves, on our brand, I found these four to ways work quite well. I realized I was doing them, just not in an organized manner.

Let’s begin:

1. Create a morning ritual

When I hear the word “routine” my mind goes instantly in denial. I am not sure where I got this issue with the word, but I freak out every time I hear someone telling me I have to create a routine.
Instead of creating a routine, let’s talk about a morning ritual (same thing, different words).

By creating a morning ritual like taking a shower, making breakfast, etc but for your business, you tell your brain what you expect from it every morning. No more uncertainty on what to do next. You wake up, take a shower, wash your teeth, make breakfast and start writing a blog post (in my case) for an hour. Adding a time frame helps keep your focus.

2. Take breaks

When you take a break from client work, work for as little as five minutes on your brand, whether is replying to social media messages or answering emails. It may seem like a little thing to do, but add those five minutes during a working day and you’ll gain at least one full hour.

3. Plan your next day

Planning the following day in advance it gives you not only peace of mind (you know what you have on your “to do” list), it also gives you focus. Though is not always possible, adding a timeframe for each task on the to do list will not only increase your focus, but you’ll also have a clear idea on what and where you’re spending your time. And as a business owner or freelancer we need this clarity.

4. Recap

Before going to sleep make a recap of the things you accomplished during the day for your business. Big or small, those accomplishments are daily steps you take towards a bigger goal.
You will not only see your bigger goal clearly, but you will also feel how you´re getting closer with every step you take, no matter how small.


Create your own morning rituals and include working on your business in them, use as little as five minutes of the breaks you take during the day to continue working on yourself and your business, plan your next day and make a recap of your daily successes during the day.

Simple steps, yet so overlooked, that can help you be more creative, more organized and, in the end, see the results of your work.

What would you add?


What Do You Think You Know About Freelancing?

What do you think about freelancing? This post Have you lost your passion for freelancing from Karol Król on Spin Sucks got me thinking of the different misconceptions people have about what freelancing is and means.

For me freelancing is working for yourself, building a business, not something you do temporarily. Paul Sutton wrote a very interesting article on the differences between a freelancer and consultant. You can read it here.

Regardless how you call yourself, you should know why you´re doing what you´re doing, whether is PR, social media consultancy or whatever it is you do.

What Do You Think You Know About Freelancing?

You ask your clients to define a “why” for their PR and social media strategy, so why not apply the same strategy for yourself? Define your “WHY”. What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in the following years?

When starting freelancing or going solo if you like, we don´t always see the big picture and that´s ok as long as you catch up on the go. Working solo, just like any other job, has its ups and downs, a good side and a not so good one. In the end, it´s up to you to make the most of them. (more…)

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