6 Ways The Right Attitude Can Set You Up For Success

Your attitude determines your days, your friendships, your connections and your professional and personal success. In a very interesting post on his blog A Professor´s Thoughts, professor Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA shares a personal customer service story on how having the wrong attitude affects your company´s business. It´s an interesting story and I am sure many of you can relate to it.

Most of the times we don´t think about our attitude when we wake up first thing in the morning. However, how you feel determines how you live your day.

What is the right attitude?

People notice if you have the right attitude or not, if you are kind and helpful or the opposite. We are all in customer service business. We are clients and service providers to potential customers. Whether you work in a factory, in an office, have an online business or are the CEO of a hotshot company, you are a client every time you want to purchase something and a provider every time someone needs your services.

Way too often we think we are the center of the world and loose consideration towards the person that matter the most: the customer, the one that buys your products and services, the one that talks about how good, kind and helpful you are every time he/she reaches you. (more…)

Two Years of NutsPR!

Hi everyone,

I am so excited that NutsPR, the blog I started as a journal for sharing my thoughts on PR and digital marketing, turns two today! It´s been only TWO years, but for me it has been a fascinating journey where I had the pleasure and honor to meet amazing people and accomplished PR pros from all over the world.

I´ve said it many times and I am going to say it again: Internet and social media unites people. And it´s awesome!

NutsPR anniversary

Who would have thought two years ago that I was going to be invited to Silvia Albert in Company, 14th anniversary party? Do you know how I met Silvia Albert? Exactly, Twitter! I interacted with her, exchanged ideas on this beautiful world of communications. One thing led to another, we met live and one day I received an invitation to attend their 14th anniversary. It was great to finally meet the people I was chatting to online. (more…)

Social Media Explained by Mark Schaefer – Book Review

Can you believe we´re in 2015? I hope you all had a great time on holidays and started the New Year with big plans and a great attitude. We have 353 opportunities to make this our best year yet. Ready? Let´s do this!

Last December, besides setting goals and drawing a plan for my freelance writing business for 2015, I was looking for the best ideas to start this year on NutsPR. While searching, I came across a book on one of my favorite subjects: social media. That was it! That was to be my first post for this year and January´s book review. I promised you a book review every month, haven´t I?

How I came across Social Media Explained?

I found the author, Mark Schaefer, how else than through social media. :) More precisely while reading a comment on a blog I frequently read. The comment mentioned Mark’s latest book – “Social Media Explained: Untangling the World´s Most Misunderstood Business Trends” and it made me curious. So I went to Amazon, checked out some of the book´s reviews, then I went to his blog Businesses Grow and started reading his posts. If I was going to like his writing and identify with it, then I might love the book. (more…)

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