The Beauty of a Day Off

I recently wrote about how important is to un-multitask so you can become more productive and efficient at your job. Though un-multitasking is very important, it is just the first part in becoming creative and the best at your job.

The beauty of a day off

For you to give your best to your endeavor, whether it’s working for a PR agency or as an in-house PR pro and even as a solo consultant, you need to learn to take a day off. And by that I mean you need to learn to relax on your weekend without thinking of your professional or personal projects, without thinking of your clients or the next thing on your large to do list. (more…)

The Devil IS in the Details

A Guest Post By Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA

I just had a lively chat via Twitter with our mass transit folks here in Boston about a recorded announcement that played on my bus as we were riding along.

The gist of the message was that the system’s spring schedule is going into effect tomorrow and that we riders should be sure to pick up a new schedule today.

The Devil IS in the Details

Image: Pixabay/CCO Public Domain

Being the dutiful commuter that I am, I immediately glanced at the brochure rack on the bus.

Not only was the old schedule available in great quantity…it was for the wrong bus line! (more…)

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

We learn very early in our lives that making mistakes is a bad thing. Everyone wants the best for you: your parents want you to be a good kid and when you fail, they are disappointed, your teachers want you to be an “A” student and when you’re not, they are disappointed. Later on your boss(es) wants you to do a perfect job and when you fail he/she gets upset.

Don´t be afraid to make mistakes

Image: Pixabay/CCO Public Domain


We crave so much for perfectionism that in the last century we took everything to extreme: we want perfect kids, perfect families, perfect houses and perfect cars, perfect jobs and perfect employees. But you know what? Life is not about being perfect, our real world is not perfect and that’s the beauty of it.

I know it´ s hard to disappoint your parents or school teachers and even your boss, but life is made from failures and successes. You can’t be the best at anything until you fail and learn that that was not the way to go. (more…)

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