Why Are You Here?

A Guest Post By Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA

I’m not sure what brought this memory back, but this is the “welcome” I got from my soon-to-be “CEO” (“Commander” in military-speak) at the beginning of my public affairs/public relations career. I was a civilian Public Affairs Intern reporting to my first permanent assignment with the US Army Intelligence School at Fort Devens, MA.

And I quote… “Why the hell are you here?”

Yowza! It has been nearly 40 years since that auspicious beginning, and I still remember!

Why Are You Here

Now the easy and very real answer would have been, “Because this is a position under the control of the Army command to which you belong, and you have no choice but to take me.”

Fortunately, though, my wife and I had flown up to Massachusetts from Virginia about a week earlier to do some house-hunting and get oriented, and I had had a chance to do some “man-on-the-street” surveying in Devens’ neighboring town of Ayer. (more…)

Find the Words that You are Supposed to…Find

We are almost in March, a year later after the launch of Spin Sucks – the Book. I said it then and I am saying it again: one of the best books on PR and digital marketing for small businesses!

Knowing Gini Dietrich and the fact that Spin Sucks, the blog, is ranked as one of the best blogs on digital marketing, you could expect nothing less, from the book I mean :) .

And, as for any respectable book, there is a need for celebration, especially on it´s first anniversary. With this in mind, Gini & company chose to throw a “special” party…. No, I am just kidding, there was no party :) .

Find the Words that You are Supposed to…Find

Anywise, for the book 1st anniversary they decided to celebrate it in their own style: Having Fun! And what a better way to involve Spin Sucks community (which I am proudly part of)? But how can you have fun with a book? Well…drum rolls, drum rolls, drum rolls: by organizing a Scavenger Hunt, how else?! (more…)

PRide in your PRofession

A Guest Post By Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA

I went a little overboard a few days ago in my “Principles of PR” class at Curry College. Thankfully, most of these students have already taken my “Intro to Mass Communication” course and are used to my going off on minor(-ish) tangents once in a while, so it was okay.

We’re in the introductory stages of the PR course, and I’m trying to help the troops understand why I am so rabidly passionate about their understanding what it takes, in my mind, to be a card-carrying, fire-breathing, ethically-minded public relations professional.

Pride in Your Profession

I do also try to impress upon everyone the core skills required to succeed in public relations…research ability, exemplary writing skills, strategic thinking ability, etc. Those are a given. If you don’t have them…or are unwilling to devote the time and energy to develop them…find another career field.

But (again, in my mind) there’s something even more important, and its name starts with the two letters that represent our profession…PRide. (more…)

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