Happy HolidaysIt´s that time of the year when homes smell like cookies, when you hear carols at the corner of your street, when people smile more. Yes, Christmas is here and with it another chance for each of us to be better, to be kinder, to be helpful, to be happy.

Most of us take the end of the year to think on what was good about the year that ends, what we could have done better and to plan for the next to come.  Remember the lessons you learned this year and make a plan to do and be better in 2015. Don´t beat yourself up if things did not work out entirely as you hoped. You have 365 opportunities around the corner.

2014 has been a year with many changes for me. And the most important lesson I take with me in 2015 is: do what you love and enjoy every minute!

So, my wish for you is to think about what makes you happy and do more of that in 2015. No matter how silly you might think it is, we owe it to ourselves to live a happy, fulfilled life.

See you in 2015!

Happy Holidays and Thank You for being here!

How I Left My Day Job to Pursue a Freelance Writing Career

“Change is hard!” That´s what you hear everyone saying. I beg to differ. Change is hard when you don´t know where you´re heading, when you don´t know the outcome. But if you do have a vision, if you do want to take that “road”, change is just a small part of the reward to come.

We have only one life (that we know of :) ), so why waste it in a job you don´t like, in a relationship you´re not happy, in a house you don´t feel at home?

How I Left My Day Job to Pursue a Freelance Writing Career

Image courtesy of Mihai Petre

Last month I quit my job as a customer care manager for the past 5 years. It was liberating. I thought I would have regrets, I thought I would miss it along with my routines. But you know what, I haven´t and I didn´t. Why? Because I was ready to move on.

How I Did It? (more…)

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy – Book Review

For this month review I chose a very interesting and helpful book for anyone who dares to read it. It´s called “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, written by Dr. Joseph Murphy more than fifty years ago.

This book came my way many months ago, when I needed it most, and since then I read it several times and every time I am equally amazed by the truth it tells.

I thought a lot before writing a review on this book. It had a big impact on me, but for you, well, you have to discover by yourself.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Book Review

Image courtesy of Mihai Petre

We learn from everything and everyone around us, it´s up to us to spot an opportunity and learn from it.

People, usually, want a fast solution to not only their current problems, but to everything and, I can assure you, this book it´s exactly NOT that, or maybe it is. This book shows you how your mind works, how you can improve your life and live the life you want, if you dare. (more…)

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