One Year of Doing What I Love

One Year of Doing What I Love

On this day, last year, I was signing my exit from the company I had been working for the previous five years, determined to change my life and do what I love: PR and social media.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made for my career. It wasn’t easy, I’ll give you that. It took me eight months of planning on how, what, what ifs; eight months of preparation of my replacement, because I wanted to quit my job the smart way; eight months of freelancing on the side from social media management to ghost writing, blog management, and customer service.

It was a difficult first year (that’s the part no one talks about). There were ups and downs, there were moments when I was questioning my timing (not the decision), moments when I had to fight almost every person I knew from family to friends, each of them feeling entitled to express their opinion on what I should or shouldn’t do. (more…)

The Modern Blogging Masterclass – The Online Course You’ve Been Waiting For

The Modern Blogging Masterclass – The Online Course You’ve Been Waiting For

What would you say if I were to tell you that you could learn how to be successful at blogging in only four weeks?

Nope, I am not crazy. It’s true.

I am super excited to share this with you: Gini Dietrich launched the first Spin Sucks online course. Yay!

It’s called The Modern Blogging Masterclass and the subscription ends tonight! So hurry and book your seat.

You know how much I admire Gini, as a professional, businesswoman and human being. You don’t meet too often people with whom you not only “click” from a professional and personal point of view, but also admire and appreciate more than anything. These are rare qualities.

You often read here posts inspired by Gini, and you know I only write about things I truly care about and believe in.

Why You Should Get Your Seat for The Modern Blogging Masterclass


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