Your Goals and You

We’re officially in the second half of 2017.

Do you remember those goals you set back in January, when it seemed like you had all the time in the world to reach them? How are you doing against them?

How much have you achieved already?

Whether you’re on schedule or not, don’t panic. You still have time.

Let’s take a look at how you can achieve your goals in the following six months without burning out.

Write Down Your Goals

While it may seem obvious, you’d be surprised to learn how many people rely on memory instead of writing them down.

A goal or resolution should be reliant only on you. If you want to successfully reach your goals, the first step is to write them down.

You can use a bullet journal or a regular notebook.

You can use apps, if that’s what works for you.

The bottom line here is to write them down, and then break them into monthly and weekly milestones.

This way they won’t be so overwhelming.

Do One Small Thing Each Day

Go back to the list you created in January and review your goals. Review also what you have accomplished and what not, what’s important and what changed.

Divide the goals you want to achieve for the reminder of the year into monthly and weekly easy-to-achieve bites. Break them further in weekly goals.

Do one small thing each day that brings you closer to your weekly goal, and likewise for monthly and quarterly goals.

Whether it’s about your career in PR or about taking your business to the next level, when you add a small task to your daily to-do list, several things happen.

First, you feel good about yourself because you’re moving forward in the direction you want.

Second, you get used to it and, in no time, it becomes a routine.

Third, you see progress from one day to another, from one week to another, from one month to another.

Review Your Goals Regularly

While breaking weekly goals and milestones into daily tasks makes them doable and achievable, you may be sucked into the busyness of every day.

All of the sudden you have too much on your plate and your to-do list never seems to end.

What were you thinking when you signed up for this?

Sounds familiar?

That happens because we loose sight of the big picture.

You don’t know why you’re doing it anymore.

To avoid that kind of frustration, make it a habit to consistently check yourself against your goals.

Check your big goal when you prepare your week (usually that means Sunday night), and check it again at the end of the week.

By reviewing your big goal twice a week, and by taking notes of the progress you did, you tell your brain you are on the right track.

Moreover, you get back the excitement you had when you set those goals.

Regularly reviewing your goals keeps you from falling into the busyness trap and forgetting about them.

Regularly reviewing your progress reminds you you’re on the right track, and gives you confidence to push forward.

Celebrate Small Victories

I know, I know, you’re busy. Between work, family and friends you barely have time to breathe.

And when it comes to your goals, you just want to be done with them.

But remember, it’s about the journey, what you learn along the way, and who you become in the process. It’s less about the actual goal.

So, when you review your weekly progress, celebrate small wins.

Offer yourself a reward that’s important for you. Maybe you want to try that new restaurant in your neighborhood you’ve been putting off for a while.

Maybe you want to have a day at a spa, spend a full day with your loved ones, etc. Whatever it is, do something that matters for you.

Before You Go

Once you’ve introduced the steps above and you’re getting closer of reaching (or not) monthly or quarterly milestones, stop.

Take a step back and review everything. How close are you of reaching that milestone? What have you learned so far?

Should you adjust your strategy or keep going as planned?

There is nothing set in stone. It’s up to you how slow or fast you go.

You can apply these to everything, from writing or reading more, to losing weight, or attending more conferences this year.

How are you doing against your goals for 2017?

A version of this article originally ran on Spin Sucks.