Weekly Picks: Five Articles I Loved This Week

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This week let’s talk about innovation, positivity, productivity, Instagram, and writing.

Five Articles I Loved This Week

  • You Need an Innovation Strategy

Like it or not we live in changing times. If you’re not ahead of your industry, you’re already behind.

How does you company embraces innovation? How do you, a s business owner embrace innovation?

I know we live busy lives, but we have to avoid falling into the busyness trap and fall behind of what’s happening in our industries.

This article from Laura Petrolino looks at why each company needs to build an innovation strategy.

  • What’s the Meaning of Positivity?

We are inspired by other people stories. We take our dose of positivity from those who overcame obstacles and inspire us to do the same.

Words we say out loud affect us. Words we say to ourselves impact us.

Want to listen an inspiring story? Listen to this interview with Cornell Thomas and Deirdre Breakenridge.

  • How Will You Concur This Year?

You planned the entire year, but now you have to actually do the work.

This article from Hubspot shares 11 ways to have your most productive Q1 ever. Take a look!

  • Where to Find Endless Writing Ideas

You’ve probably been there more than once: You had writer’s block. It not only frustrates you, but you can’t seem to find a way out.

The more you focus on it, the worse it gets.

There are countless of articles on how to overcome writer’s block, but most of times the easiest solution is right in front of us.

How often do you use Quora to find ideas? This articles makes the case on why you should.

  • The Key to Instagram Engagement

Do you have Instagram for business? How often do you use it?

Are you happy with the results you get from your Instagram strategy?

What do you do differently?

If you don’t know how to answer to the above questions, you need to read this article from Peg Fitzpatrick on how to find the key to Instagram engagement.

Whether you use the platform for business or personal, these tips will help you do a better job and get more engagement.

That’s it from me.

Have a great week!