5 Articles I Loved This Week

Happy Sunday!

Less than a week until Christmas! Oops, I meant Easter, though some of my friends pointed out they have snow this weekend.

Wow, a white Easter. Who would have thought?! Maybe mother Nature changes her mind and sends us the promised Spring.

Until then, I’ll leave you with five articles I loved this week. Ready?

It’s about a book launch and lessons learned, blogging, cool assignments, influencer marketing, and the International Day of Happiness.

Let’s dive in:

5 Articles I Loved This Week

  • Book launch and lessons learned

In this article, Chad Cannon, Michael Hyatt’s Chief Marketing Officer, shares lessons learned from the launch of Michael Hyatt’s and Daniel Harkavy’s latest Book —Living Forward. Even if you don’t plan to launch a book, there is plenty you can learn from this article on teamwork, urgency, value and so much more. Check it out here.

  • About blogging

How would you feel if one day you decide to delete your first blog posts? Would you be sad, melancholic, or happy to get rid of them? Mark Schaefer decided to delete 274 of his older blog posts. That’s quite a lot. Here is what he learned.

  • Cool assignments

You may wonder what that might be? Well, Shonali Burke, as the busy bee she is, taught 13 classes to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University this past week. That is A LOT for one week. See what she had to say about it. And yes, she talks about snow as well!

  • Tips for your influencer marketing program

Everybody seem to be talking about influencer marketing lately. From the hows, the whats, the dos and the don’ts. It seems like you can’t create a marketing campaign anymore without an influencer campaign.

Whether you need it or not, from all the noise out there, this article by Kait Fowlie for Marketwired looks at five steps to help you create your influencers marketing program. I’ll stay with “create a sustainable relationship.” Well said, Kait.

  • It’s the International Day of Happiness

While you’re prepping for Easter time, buying gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget to enjoy every single day.

Yes, today is the International Day of Happiness (didn’t know we had one). It’s a good reminder we need to enjoy every day and the people around us. There is no better special occasion than today.

Have a glorious week!