What I Learned in Three Years of Working from Home

Working from home for some is heaven for others a no-go.

I love working from home and I told you about it a few times. Time has passed and here we are three years later.

Whether we admit it or not, whether we like it or not, the world as we know it is changing.

More and more companies put the focus on their teams’ health and wellness because they have finally understood what Sir Richard Branson said a long time ago,

Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.

Whether it’s time off to focus on family time, working from home on Fridays or moving entirely remote, the shift is happening right before our eyes. You hear of more and more companies that went remote and never looked back.

Today I want to share with you a bit of my journey in these three years of working from home.

Why You Should Try Working from Home


Who wouldn’t want to work in their PJs, from the comfort of their bed all the time? At least that’s the general perception of working from home.

The reality is very different.

Yes, you can work from your bed and in your pajamas, but do you want to?

After so many years of wearing suits, I love wearing my favorite outfit, yoga pants. Actually I cannot wait in the morning to change into my favorite outfit, yoga pants, Tshirt, and pink slippers.

So much that the other day I was telling Gini Dietrich how I went to the supermarket and, when I was closed to it, I realized I was still wearing my pink home slippers.

Fine, go ahead and laugh. But be warned, it will happen to you too. 🙂

So the first lesson is getting comfortable in your own skin and your clothes.

We are so eager to bend to the rules, we forgot life should be fun. You are supposed to wear what you like and what you’re comfortable in.

You Work Too Much or Too Little

This one has a “it depends” attached to it.

If you’re an workaholic, you work too much no matter where you are, a brick and mortar office or your home office. And that’s the truth.

The opposite is true as well.

Working from home doesn’t make you work more or less. It’s you who makes you work more or less.

Once you see the truth of that, you’ll start taking the right actions towards what you really want.

I love working and I have ever since I joined the working force many years ago (not saying how many, so don’t ask 🙂 ).

I love doing a great job, seeing happy clients, solving problems, challenging myself. And that comes with a lot of work in my case. But I always knew it.

Stopping is hard for me, but I learned to stop during the day and focus on my hobbies, reading, learning new things, and lately baking.

Don’t fall off your seat, it was a surprise for me too.

What I discovered by stopping working several times per day was that you become more creative. Ideas pop up from everywhere. And because I always have my phone with me, I make sure to write them down immediately.

You Experience Life Differently

Imagine waking up early in the morning, having your coffee and hearing the birds singing outside your window. There is no alarm clock to rush you to get dressed, eat something on your way to the office. You actually have time to enjoy those moments by yourself.

And if you have kids, it’s fun to prepare breakfast together and plan the day ahead.

I love having a walk early in the morning when everyone else has left for work. I love wondering on the streets in my town and enjoying the beauty of the day ahead.

To my surprise I discovered there is more to life than a 9 to 5.

You Have More Time

As much as naysayers will shout out they can’t do that because there is laundry to be done, meals to be prepared, cleaning to be done, I am just going to smile.

If you want to find excuses, they are everywhere. You don’t need to look too faraway.

However if you stop and really appreciate what you have, you’ll see you have time to do all that and have free time for yourself.

Nobody said you have to do them all at once.

I have more time now to read, train or simply be than ever in my entire life.

Why? Because I made it a priority.

And guess what, I find time to clean the house or do the laundry as well. But this time, I don’t freak out that I have to spend my weekend doing house chores instead of relaxing.

My weekends now look like this: On Saturdays my parents come over and we eat, talk, spend quality time together.

On Sundays I start my day reading. Then it’s gym time, and if it’s not too hot I go for a walk in my neighborhood.

There are weekends when Mihai (my significant other) and I jump in the car and go sightseeing to discover new places in Spain.

One of our goals this year is to visit more and more of this beautiful country we live in. And we plan to do that while working remotely. After all we only need our laptops and a good Wifi connection.

Working from Home is What You Make of It

Don’t shrug it off without having tried it.

Try working from home for a few months and see how it goes. You can’t have the big picture after only one day or one month.

After all you didn’t become used to your workplace the first time you set your foot in. Give it time, set a routine that works for you and make sure to enjoy it.

It’s not about work-life balance, it’s about living life on your terms.