The Communicator’s Playbook: Invest in Yourself

I’m a big believer in professional development and learning at any stage of your career and life. There is never too late to learn something new and have your neurons fire new paths in your brain.

I can’t say enough how important it is to have a growth mindset, to keep pushing your limits, to get out of your comfort zone.

But the truth is, it’s not easy.

We are all busy. Admit it or not, we like this busyness. It keeps us from having a hard look at our lives, careers, and businesses.

Because learning in your 30s or 40s that you are in the wrong career or that you always wanted something else, doesn’t sit well with anyone, right?

But what’s the alternative?

Living 50 more years unhappy? Letting life slip away?

When you put things into perspective and look at the big picture, suddenly change is not that terrifying.

I’ll be bold and say it’s even welcomed.

Invest in Yourself at Any Stage of Your Career and Life

We live in a changing world. Ten years ago social media was in its incipient stage. We had no idea what that meant and pretty sure many of us did not foresee the power it will get over the years.

But here we are, 10 years later in the exact opposite situation.

We have too much content; it’s too noisy on social media. We went from not knowing what to do with it to finding creative ways to stand out.

In today’s world, investing in your career and your professional development is more important than ever.

Artificial intelligence is around the corner; jobs change or entirely disappear from one month to another. What worked yesterday is old news today.

So, next time you say you’re too busy to learn something new, think about how the world looked like 10 years ago and how it looks now. Keep in mind the timeframe is getting shorter and shorter.

Doing things the way you always used to do does not work anymore. You’ll be out of business or without a job in no time.

Today’s reality is that PR professionals, marketers, content creators, and pretty much everyone, are forced to think and look at their jobs from a business perspective.

Does your job and expertise bring revenue, does it have impact on the company’s bottom line?

That’s the question you should be asking yourself every single day.

Invest in yourself constantly and you’ll stay ahead of change.

You may be wondering where I am going with this.

I want to talk to you about another mind-blowing book every communicator, marketer, and content creator should read and apply over and over again.

The Communicator’s Playbook: Your Guide to Business

Earlier this month Spin Sucks launched The Communicator’s Playbook, a book meant to help you create an integrated communications plan for your company and clients, a book meant to help you write better and meaningful content.

It includes communications planning tied to business goals, how to create a communications plan, how to measure the ROI of your communications and content efforts, an integrated approach of the PESO Model – the new standard in communications, and so much more.

It includes PR metrics, how and what to measure to show your stakeholders how your efforts are tied with company’s business results.

I have to warn you though, this is not a book you read once and then go on your way.

This is a book you read over and over again. This is a manual you read and apply, read again, apply more, and then repeat.

But it’s worth it. The process described in the book works.

Invest in yourself, get this book, study it, apply the teachings in it, and see how your business takes off, how you suddenly become more valuable to your employer.