The beauty of a day off

A while back I wrote about how important is to un-multitask so you can become more productive and efficient in your job and business. Though un-multitasking is very important, it is just the first part in igniting your creativity.

To show up every day and give your best, whether you’re working for a PR agency, as an in-house PR pro or own your own business, you need to learn to stop and take at least one day off. And by that I mean you need to learn to relax and make the most of your time off without worrying about work or the next thing on your to-do list.

Social media and the internet are fantastic gifts. They help us connect with people thousands of miles away. But, no matter how exciting that is, you need to learn to say no and stop yourself from checking every possible notification on your smartphone.

Being “always on” does not enhance your creativity, does not give you the next great idea. It just tires your brain.

You need to give your brain a break from work, devices, and constant worrying.

Sometimes, I think we’re afraid of being alone with our thoughts.

When was the last time you put down your mobile devices and went outside for a walk only you with your thoughts? I thought so!

How do I know it? I’ve been there too. The fear of missing out (FOMO), the guilt of not checking everything that was happening was eating at me and didn’t let me enjoy my own free time.

If we add to this mix, the beliefs implemented in our early days by parents and teachers that you must work hard everyday and every moment if you want to be somebody, the combination can be deadly.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t give your best to your craft. What I am saying is that for you to be and act at your best every single day, you need to take a day off and disconnect, you need to learn to enjoy a genuine conversation with your friends and family without thinking of work.

Why is So Important to Take a Day Off?

When you take a break from your daily tasks, when you start doing different things, you force your brain to involve other cells in the thinking process. You interrupt it’s same ol’, same ol’ path it is used to take.

Did you know 72 percent of people get their best ideas in the shower? That’s because the brain is relaxed. You give it a break from the daily hustle and it becomes creative.

Give your brain a break. Let it wander when you’re in the shower, or when walking your dog. Miracles will happen. Just try it.

How to Take a Day Off?

It’s as simple as starting a new habit and keeping at it. You make a pact with yourself to disconnect from your job and from all devices at least one day per week. And I mean no checking email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social channel you’re on.

Just enjoy the company of your family and friends, enjoy being alone with your thoughts, enjoy a good book, a walk in the park, or the sound of your city on a Sunday morning.

It’s not going to be easy. FOMO is real and will try to pull you back.

Hang in there and you’ll soon reap the benefits: you’ll be more creative and productive at work, you’ll be more relaxed and see your clients’ issues from a different angle, you will have more ideas on how to improve your work and how to better work with your colleagues. On a personal level you will be satisfied with your personal and professional life.

Commit and make it your mission to take at least one day off each week. On your day off avoid all work-related conversations, email, and social media. Do something fun, focus on your hobby, and if you don’t have one, maybe it’s time to start one.

Time off is all about you. Make the most of it.

What tips do you have to help you disconnect?