Why PR Pros Should Consider a Not-Com Domain

In today’s over-competitive world, PR pros need to stand out. Especially if you’re starting your own PR business.

First thing you need to cut through the noise is an online business card. A place where your potential clients can learn more about who you are and how you can help them.

Yes, I am talking about your website.

You already know you need a professional, mobile-friendly website.

But how can you stand out?

It’s not enough to have a personalized name with your brand’s colors anymore. You need something else to make a mark on the interwebz.

What if your website says more about your business than you could ever say through your business name?

What if a potential client understands only from seeing your website’s domain name what your business is about?

Science fiction?

Nope, it’s the future!

A personalized domain name extension can speak to your potential customer from the first moment they see your URL on the web.

Let’s Talk Personalized Domain Name Extensions

There are hundreds of new domain name extensions that are creative, meaningful, memorable, and searchable.

Known as “not-coms,” these new domain names have endings such as .agency, .digital, or .media.

They are descriptive and immediately tell your potential clients who you are and what your business is about.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why PR pros should consider fresh, new, and creative domain names for their PR business.

A Website Is a PR Pro’s Digital Business Card

A not-com domain allows you to create a brand name that is both meaningful and descriptive.

Plus it’s easier to remember.

A smart, user-friendly, and well designed website with a great name will tell the world who you are and why they should do business with you.

Upshot, the Chicago advertising agency, is an example of a business that decided to make the change for a “not-com” domain name.

They wanted to tell their clients who they are and what they do, so they changed their website URL from upshot.net to http://www.upshot.agency.

Another example is Harrison Westwater, who helms http://www.bootstrap.media.

When he noticed the “dot-media” domain name available, he made the switch.

It looks cleaner on our marketing materials and social channels, and it means our entire company name is in the domain. Buying bootstrapmedia.com would have cost us more money and sounded redundant, Harrison Westwater said.

A simple, snappy domain name that describes exactly who you are and what you do can provide a boost to word-of-mouth referrals on and offline.

Be The Shoemaker With The Best Shoes

According to Dustin Floyd from TDG, marketers and PR pros are notoriously bad at branding themselves.

We’re our own worst clients, and if we’ve been in the biz a long time and things tend to be going well, we can get a little complacent. But [creative domain name extensions] can present a great opportunity for agencies to streamline their own brands and distinguish themselves from competitors. —Dustin Floyd

When I had my own PR business, I always promoted my clients before myself.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that having a creative branding can actually be a new business tool in itself.

Another good example of an agency that walks the talk is The Coyne Agency, a full-service firm with specialists in a variety of industries: Public relations, advertising, social media, and digital.

Not only they are telling clients they are capable practitioners, but they’re showing them too through agency’s URL: http://www.coyne.agency.

If they’re helping brands keep the pace in an ever-evolving, digital world, they sure want to be walking the talk and using the most current and innovative technologies available to them.

In Harrison Westwater’s words:

The “.com” domain is so common, but we’re not a common company. We help people bring their brand narratives and company story to life, so we need to do the same with our own story. The reason we’re called “Bootstrap Media” is that we work to cut out a lot of the fat other production houses tag onto projects, and then pass those savings onto our clients. To do that, we have to be sleek and nimble, and we hope the simplicity of our domain reflects —Harrison Westwater

Your own branding matters.

Prospects will be attracted to your creativity, willingness to take risks, and early adoption of new technologies.

Be One Step Ahead of Your Clients

As PR pros, we’re a competitive bunch.

There are thousands and thousands of public relations agencies in the United States alone, and even more independent practitioners and entrepreneurs.

We’re all looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and show our clients how creative and innovative we are.

If you aren’t quick enough to pitch the new business, to respond to the media inquiry, or to snap up the perfect domain name for your blossoming website, you very well might miss out on the opportunity entirely.

There are some great domain names for PR pros out there.

The best part is you can bring value to your clients when you show them how a personalized domain name for their business can bring real business results.