How to Have Your Own PR Dream Team

PR pros are most of the time working by themselves. Whether you are working in house, in an agency or as a solopreneur, nobody really gets what you do all day long.

When I was working in house, every time I spoke with colleagues or managers from other departments, they thought we were meeting with journalists all day long.

Not only that, but there was so little or no curiosity around what we did in the communications department.

However, you, as a PR pro were expected to know what they did and how important their work was.

Funny, huh?

It’s been many years since that time, yet I see this happening all over again every time I speak with friends from different countries.

Which brings me to today’s topic:

How to Have Your Own PR Dream Team

Building your own PR Dream Team is costly and complicated and most of the time it may not make sense.

Even more so if you are a solopreneur.

Plus you’d want insights from outside your company to feel challenged and see things from a different angle.

Well, now this is possible and your investment is VERY little.

Spin Sucks just launched PR Dream Team project.

When you join, you have at your fingertips dozens of experienced PR professionals who can answer all your questions.

You can brainstorm together ideas for your projects, you can share what you’re working on and where you need help with.

If you fear your work is confidential, don’t worry. You can move your conversation in private.

Besides having access to some of the brightest minds all over the world, you will also have access to exclusive content such as webinars, tools, templates, case studies, and so much more.

Think about it for a minute: You have an issue at work and you need help immediately. You’ve been working on this for a while now and can’t seem to see what’s missing and that deadline is closing in quickly.

You just have to open your computer, connect to the PR Dream Team and ask your questions.

PR pros from all over the world will jump in to help you.

It’s like being in the same room with PR pros from different industries and countries.

They’ll share their thoughts and experience and you’ll have dozens of new ideas to work on.

How amazing is that?

No more: “I can’t share my ideas with my friend from X, Y, Z agency because they might steal it.”

This is the place where everybody helps everybody, because together we can change the negative perception of the PR industry, from inside out.

We will grow together and you will be able to show stakeholders your work matters, is measurable and is tied in to your company’s bottom line.

Too good to be true?

Not at all.

Gini Dietrich is on a mission to change the negative perception of the PR industry and has been working on this for years.

Now you can reap the results and benefit from her work.

Invest in Your Career and Yourself

I know you are busy. You spend your day solving one issue after another.

You don’t know where the week went by, and now you have to start all over again.

I want you to STOP for a minute and really hear me.

Before giving me all the reasons why you don’t have the time or can’t do this or that, hear me out.

We live in a world that changes at a very fast pace.

What you knew to be true five years ago is not anymore.

You have to adapt and learn new things constantly. And, as much as you’d like to make the most of those networking events you attend, you don’t always have the time.

Plus it’s not only about you. Everyone wants their own piece of advice.

I know postponing learning is SO easy.

After all you are already overwhelmed. You don’t need anything on your plate right now or…ever.

Step out of your overwhelm for a moment and look around you.

With everything that is going on today, how do you think your job will look like in five years?

How will you keep up and adjust to the near future?

And more importantly, are you willing to risk your career or business because you did not slow down enough to learn?

Whether you have your own PR business or are working for someone else, your professional development must be your number one priority.

Take a moment, read what Spin Sucks PR Dream Team can do for you and then decide if it’s for you or not.

image courtesy of Spin Sucks.