NutsPR Spotlight: Peg Fitzpatrick

It’s July already!

Happy summer to you all and welcome to another edition of NutsPR Spotlight!

My guest today is the perfect example of someone who turned her passion for social media into a business.

How cool is to do what you love every single day?

It’s AWESOME! I’m living the dream!

Anyways, this isn’t about me.

When I first met her (online) I was captivated by her passion for social media and for a particular social channel.

She transmits happiness through everything she does, whether it’s a live video such as Thanks a latte Q&A, writing a book to help people learn social media easier and faster (by the way if you haven’t read her book, do that now, you’ll love it), or simply interacting on social media.

I love her Twitter bio, “Rockin’ a positive attitude.”

Without further ado, it’s my honor and pleasure to introduce to you July guest on NutsPR Spotlight, Peg Fitzpatrick.

When did you discover your love for social media?

I was on Facebook, like everyone else, to talk with friends and family. When I got an invite to a closed beta app called Pinterest, I really fell in love! Pinterest was my first social media crush.

How does teaching help you learn? How do you like to learn?

When you teach something, you really need a comprehensive knowledge of the topic so when I’m going to teach something I dive in very deeply.

I like to learn by reading and doing things hands-on.

What piece of advice do you have for anyone heading into the reality of social media?

Don’t get caught up in trying every shiny tool that pops up. It can be distracting and waste your time.

Tools are helpful but they’re tools—your personality and creativity are going to bring the special sauce and really make things shine.

What would you like to change in social media and think it can be accomplished this year?

Hard question! Since the only thing I can change is myself, I’ll say work/life balance.

Working in social media makes it extra hard to separate from a laptop or smartphone. I urge everyone [and me too!] to keep track of your work time and get offline when your work is done.

If you work for a brand, share social media coverage so everyone has time when they don’t have to be glued to Twitter, Facebook Instagram, and other social channels.

What’s next for Peg Fitzpatrick?

I’m working on a few projects that will be out later in the year and still continuing working with Guy Kawasaki and Kreussler Inc.

I enjoy having a variety of social media projects mixed with traditional marketing.

Of course there’s always my own blog and social media keeping me busy too. 🙂

Want to know more about Peg? Connect with her on her blog, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.