NutsPR Spotlight: Mark Schaefer

Welcome to the first edition of NutsPR Spotlight in 2017!

I am very excited to bring you this year as well wonderful pros that push the PR and marketing industries into the future.

And February’s guest is one of them.

I “met” Mark through one of his books, Social Media Explained. Hooked from the first page, I knew I had to know more about the author.

I started reading his blog, Grow, following and interacting with him on social media.

Because I liked Social Media Explained so much, I kept reading book after book, one better than the other.

Today I am very excited to introduce to you, Mark Schaefer.

When did you know marketing was what you wanted to do?

When I was in college, I took some marketing classes and fell in love with it. But I was a journalism major and it was too late to switch.

I knew I wanted to get into marketing some day!

When I started in business I had an influential mentor who had created a new product line that required a huge investment and many new employees.

I realized that marketing was really on the leading edge of business. That’s what I wanted to do and I have loved every minute of it!

How does teaching help you learn? How do you like to learn?

Teaching—writing—consulting actually forms a very interesting system.

Teaching forces me to stay on top of the field and the questions from students spur new ideas, which usually end up as blog posts.

The new thinking in my blog posts usually shows up in my consulting and speaking. A symbiotic system!

I usually learn by reading. It’s a constant challenge since I am a prolific content creator … leaves less time to learn!

What piece of advice do you have for anyone heading into the reality of PR and marketing?

I truly believe the next three years are going to be transformational in our field, driven by big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

The pace of change is going to step up by a lot.

We’ll need new skills and frankly there will probably be some job displacement.

There are still a lot of great opportunities but we will need to be constantly aware of these changes and continuously learning.

Keep upgrading your skills, especially when it comes to measurement and analytics.

What would you like to change in the PR and marketing industry and think it can be accomplished this year?

I think there is a real cultural laziness in the field.

We rely on dashboards for information instead of insight.

We compromise by doing annoying things to customers we would never do to people in real life.

Consumers are resigned to the fact that PR and marketing sucks for them.

I’m not sure that is something that can be changed but maybe if I mention it in every interview we can make a dent in things!

What’s next for Mark Schaefer?

I’m quite excited about my new book KNOWN, which will be available in early February.

I really think this will be a transformational book for people.

Standing out in your field can provide a true strategic, sustainable advantage for people.

But can anybody become known, and how?

It can be so overwhelming, but I am breaking it down in logical steps. I’m excited because I think this will help so many people!

Want to know more about Mark?

Connect with him on his websiteTwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+, and pretty much on every social network.