Three Tips to Land Your Dream Job in PR

What can you do to land your dream job in PR? You don’t want just any job, you want one to love from the very first moment. You want a job where you learn something new every day, you want the job that prepares you for your next career move.

There is a lot of competition out there, the best openings are not listed, and if you don’t have other great experience under your belt, your chances to be the chosen one diminish.

Though it may seem scary, landing your dream job in PR it’s simple. I am not saying it’s easy, but it is simple.

In today’s post I am going to share a few tips that I’ve used to land the jobs I dreamt of at different stages in my career and you can use them too.

How to Land Your Dream Job in PR

Build Meaningful Relationships

Building relationships is the core of public relations, is why the name and the industry was invented many years ago.

What is your dream job? Each of us has a different definition, but basically is a combination of exciting day-to-day activities, great team of colleagues and bosses and an awesome company culture in the field of your choice.

How do you get there is only up to you! Yes, you heard me right, it’s up to you, no one else.

How’s that?

First you have to decide what you want: Where you would like to work and with whom. Then start researching, reading everything you can about the company and people you want to work with.

You have the gift of Internet at your fingertips, don’t be shy to use it. Your research should reveal what that particular company does, what field they’re in, whether is a PR firm or the PR department, which events they participate (so you can attend), etc.

Next, look for the person you want to work with. Scan the departments, see who runs them and look for them on social media. Learn where they write, blog, which social networks they are active on and make sure you are there too. Read their social media posts and articles, comment on them, re-share them with your network. And do this on a constant basis without being annoying.

Social media allows you to network and connect with professionals from all over the world. Don’t limit your search around your city or state, be bold, go global!

Always always be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else, it quickly shows.

Connecting with PR pros you would like to work with and learn from is the first step in getting your foot in the door.

Remember the connections have to be genuine and you have to be interested in what he/she does. You will work with that person day in, day out, so chemistry is a must.

Don’t force a relationship, and don’t be a stalker. If it doesn’t work out, is not meant to be. Take a step back, analyze and get to work again.

Continuous Learning

While looking for your dream job, keep learning, be up-to-date with industry news, research and have your own opinion on what’s going on.

Actually scratch that!

If you want a competitive advantage, be ahead of the industry. Look at trends. Read those blogs and magazine that look into what’s next.

Use your own creative thinking and make your own opinion about how those trends will affect the industry in the next few years.

Moreover, think of how you could help the company you would like to work with be ahead of trends.

Discuss your ideas with the pros you’ve connected with on their blogs or move the conversation to a more private space if they prefer that way.

The Spin Sucks Slack community is a great place to connect with like-minded professionals and share ideas, without the fear of being judged or laughed at.

Learn to listen and understand others opinions, learn to argument your ideas and opinions.

Social media is not optional these days and is a must if you want to succeed in the PR industry. Learn, study, test new platforms, figure out how they can be used to communicate with audiences, how you could engage audiences and measure the engagement and further on the impact on business.

Yes, it’s a lot. But nobody said you have to do them at once. Take small steps and the rest will come naturally to you.

Write and Then Write Some More 

Writing along with building meaningful relationships is at the core of the public relations profession.

Your resume and a LinkedIn profile are not enough anymore, everybody has one. You need to prove you are good at communicating your message, you know how to write in a compelling way and you have a good understanding and know how to filter what’s going on in the industry.

Create your own blog and write regularly. It will help hone your writing skills and you will learn how to put your thoughts and experiences out there so others can benefit from them. This way you start building your personal brand, you build expertise, you create a community around your personal brand.

If having a blog is not something you see yourself doing, you can always write regularly on platforms such as Medium or LinkedIn Pulse.

Landing your dream job in PR is hard work, you have to put in time and effort, but it is also rewarding. You not only land the job you want, you grow in the process, you learn so much, you become a better version of yourself.

And who wouldn’t want that?

Do you have other tips for landing your dream job in PR? Share them in the comments below.

A version of this article originally ran on Muck Rack.