Should You Join a PR Membership Site?

We live in a fast-paced world with so much to do, so much information to read and learn that, as PR pros, we might feel overwhelmed at times.

OK, fine, everyday!

Have you ever felt like you need more time in the day to read more, to do more, to stay up to date with happenings in your business and industry?

I know I do.

FOMO is very real.

But the truth is you don’t need more hours in the day, you don’t need to read everything and know everything.

What you need is a team that can do that for you.

No, I am not talking about hiring a new team of people or quitting your job to start a business.

I’m talking about something else—a PR membership site.

What if you had at your fingertips (literally) a team of worldwide experts you could bounce ideas with, learn from their expertise and experience?

What if you had 24/7 access to said team along with access to the right tools resources, and confidence to excel in your career?

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to have strategic conversations about real metrics, the kind that drive business results?

How about having access to reports, data, and analytics you need to prove you are achieving your company’s business goals?

Too good to be true?

Not at all.

Spin Sucks officially launched The PR Dream Team for communicators around the globe.

For the last seven months I’ve been part of the pilot for this community and I can’t emphasize what a game changer has been.

I connected with PR professionals and business people from around the world. I learned about new tools, resources, ideas that I use in my daily work.

It’s been an unbelievable journey.

Why You Should Join a PR Membership Site

You might be thinking, “great, another thing to pay for.”

But let me ask you this: How do you want to advance in your career or business if you don’t invest in yourself?

Don’t you want to not only stay up to date on trends, but also to implement them ahead of time in your business or career?

You and I and everyone else have the same 24 hours in a day. No matter how much we want to, that’s all we get.

When you have a trusted community, a team of experts to brainstorm ideas with, to learn what they are doing in their businesses to be successful, you take your career to the next level on fast forward.

Picture this: You joined a membership site and connected with a few experts from the other side of the world. They share an idea with you and you take that idea and implement it in your work. As a result you get new business, or get a promotion, or get that client you’ve been chasing for months.

Isn’t that worth 1,000 times what you pay for the membership site?

I’ve seen this happening time and time again in the past seven months in the PR Dream Team.

I have a rule I’ve been applying in my professional development for the past five years: If I take just one idea from a book I read, a paid community I’m part of, an online course I took and apply it to my business, it was worth the price I paid.

I cannot tell you how valuable this approach has been for me.

Of course it never is just one idea. There were many ideas.

Just last week I learned from a tool that not only is brand-new on the market (not advertised yet), it made my daily work unbelievable more efficient and faster.

Is it worth it to be part of The PR Dream Team? Heck, YES!

The Future is Here

The way I see it is this: Either you are ahead of trends in your industry or you are behind.

If you’re in PR you know how crucial that is.

Moreover, you are bombarded with new things, new shiny objects, every single day.

The hard truth not many PR pros like to admit is the world is changing rapidly and our industry is not keeping up.

We rather focus on working more in our daily jobs, keeping our heads down, because when the change comes, someone will notice the work we put in.



We need to get out of this mentality and learn to embrace change, learn to embrace the future.

And the way to do that is by being exposed to different ways of thinking and doing things, learning first-hand from others across the globe.

You don’t have to do everything yourself. You just have to connect with the right people and have strategic conversations.

Joining the PR Dream Team will be a game changer for you as a PR professional, for your career, for your business, and for you as a human being.

If you want to learn more, go to Spin Sucks and read what the PR Dream Team is all about, how to get the most out of it, what others who’ve been part of the pilot think of it, and then make a decision.

Your future is in your hands.