Happy Birthday NutsPR: Four Years of Blogging

Four years ago I was shyly publishing my first post ever. Without having written before and in a foreign language, I dared to hit the publish button.

It was scary. I was terrified of what people would say. Would they see I was a total fraud? What was I thinking?

But nothing bad happened. Nobody laughed at me. To be honest except for Mihai, probably no one else was reading. But it helped me gain some confidence and write more.

I don’t know where these four years went.

What I do know is I wouldn’t change anything.

There were moments when I did not know what to write about or why should anyone read my posts.

I had no clue about SEO or imagery.

And yet, here I am four years later.

What I learned in Four Years of Blogging

Wow? Even seeing it written is still hard to believe it’s been four years already.

Let’s look at what this journey meant for me and what you can learn from it too.


I learned without consistency there is no long-term success.

No one wants confusion, or an undecided blogger.

Let people know when they should expect an article from you and keep at it.

I know you are excited and have a lot to say, but trust me: Start small.

Create the habit of writing consistently. Publish once per week in the begging and increase your frequency later.


You need to learn SEO period.

Maybe 10 years ago you did not needed, but in today’s over saturated world, it’s a must.

Learn from the experts. Read blogs such as Spin Sucks, Grow, Convince and Convert, Buffer, and many others.

Format your articles accordingly; use keywords you can rank for. Learn what domain authority of your site is.

Use appropriate images and make sure they blend well with your message and meet SEO rules.

Yoast plugin for WordPress will make your life so much easier.

Have a Domain

I should have probably started with this: You need to have your own domain.

Nothing screams beginner louder than having a wordpress.com or blogspot… after your blogs name.

Even if you started your blog for fun, it is your online business card.

You don’t want whomever lands on your blog to think you are not serious about it.

Write About What’s Important to You

You may be wondering what to write about.

It’s trendy to write about fitness, or social media, or content marketing, and I could go on all day long.

But here is the thing: It won’t matter. You’ll get bored and abandon it.

Instead of following what others do, why not write what’s important to you.

Maybe you want to teach people how to live a healthy life, maybe you’re an expert in Snapchat and want to teach others how to use it. Maybe you want to land a job in PR and digital marketing, and therefore write about it.

There are many reasons and topics you could write about. Focus on what you are passionate about.

When you will feel tired or not in the mood to write, your passion will kick your arse and get you moving.

Connect with Others

Blogging is about connecting with like-minded individuals.

Comment on those blogs you admire, interact with people there. Do it consistently and genuinely.

In no time, you’ll have people coming to your blog and commenting on your posts.

Some will even want to write for your blog.

How cool is that?

Digital networking is a great way to start connections and even business relationships. Don’t treat it lightly.


Probably the most important benefit of blogging is clarity.

Writing consistently not only makes you a better writer, but it gives you clarity.

You will know how to organize your thoughts in writing and when speaking too. You will be able to synthesize complex problem, extract, and communicate only the essential.

Is Blogging Dead?

Only if you want to.

Let me ask you something: Is reading dead? No? Then blogging is well and alive.

If you like writing, always wanted to write, but didn’t dare to, start a blog. You may never know where it leads you, but for sure you’ll have a great journey.

Before You Go

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on NutsPR for the past four years.

I appreciate each and every one of you, and I am fortunate to have you by my side in this journey.

Thank you!